"Everyone has a 2am and a 2pm personality. I’m more interested in the monster you become at 2am rather than the human being you pretend to be at 2pm."

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Day 254 of the year.

The weed at early hours night made me feel so high, I took my phone and started sending random messages to random friends around the world. Of course, I wrote every message on my native language: spanish. So probably mostly of them won’t understand a thing. After that I had the bad experience of seeing an indian guy treating bad to a german girl until she started crying. What a shame.

The indian guy was arguing about the human being and that people should realize that everyone of us is wrong, because nationalities doesn’t exist and everything was invented by the human. The guy was trying to tell that to the german girl -Karla- but she was way too drunk and She didn’t want to pay attention to him at all, so he, on his sorry state of alcohol, started screaming in a rude way to her. Was not a nice night, or not at least for Karla.

In the morning, I had turn to the barber-shop around 10, but I decided to go a little bit late. At the door of the barber shop, there was a 75 yo lady, waiting at the barber-shop door. 

No one came to the door, so we saw in the window a small letter with the word “closed” so we waited outside while the sun was warming the streets.

As usual with old people, you start talking about the weather, but I was so surprised about the vitality of that 75 years old lady, she told me that on saturdays she always go to dance tango at night, and it was funny for her arrive at home at 3am, while her 18 yo grandson is sleeping at bed. After that we talked about many stuff, even about sexuality, because while we were waiting the barber-shop to be open, a young couple of girls going to school were walking holding hands on the street.

For me, being gay, is very interesting to hear old people’s opinion about homosexuality, so discreetly I asked her about her opinion, she said: When I was a youngster, gay people never showed themselves on the streets holding hands, even though we knew they were gay. It makes me feel glad that people now takes that so calm and are not afraid to show it in public.

Inside of the barber shop, arrived other old lady, and they started talking about earthquakes, about the weather, and how advanced are houses in the US while we keep building our houses with bricks in Argentina.

Above all, I am surprised and I feel admiration for old people, their thoughts and their way to see the life, have 75 years old and feel more energy than me, that I am about 20 years old. So I went to sleep at midday with a big smile on my face.

"I am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me."

- amandaspoetry
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just Mendoza (with a little help from Kostas and Michalis in the edition)

just Mendoza (with a little help from Kostas and Michalis in the edition)

"every word that come from your mouth is just another sign, for me, to let it go.. but it takes so long and I’m not so strong.. and I’d miss your face everyday."
"I don’t want to judge what’s in your heart but, if you’re not ready for love, how can you be ready for life?"

- Soko, We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow (via aimocariahs)


What sucks is having a dream that you know will never happen in reality.

Otoño en Mendoza

Otoño en Mendoza

"To bear it down to be in flight it wasn’t about me it was only a stone in my shoe.. Then worries came to perch on us impatience and a painted bust, I kept you close to me close to my ear"
"Me encanta fumar…fumar un cigarrillo es como olvidar, cuando todo lo que tengo es la colilla, encender, fumar, y callar todo. Esconde la mierda, el cigarrillo esconde la mierda. Los hay mentolados, de vainilla, a alguna gente le gustan, cigarrillos mentolados, cigarrillos de vainilla, cigarrillos de chocolate, cigarrillos, cigarrillos. Los cigarrillos claramente evitan que me vuelva loco, me mantiene vivo. Me mantiene vivo hasta que me muera."

- Los amores imaginarios.
And you said something like, “All you want is all the world for yourself”But all I want is the perfect love though I know it’s small, I want love for us all

And you said something like, “All you want is all the world for yourself”
But all I want is the perfect love though I know it’s small, I want love for us all

Tell me what you want
And I’ll calm down without bleeding out
With a broken heart that you stabbed for an hour
I was freaking out because I want you to know
My beloved, you are the lover of my impossible soul

Men, too promise me you’ll stay and put off all your woes I was wigging out, too much worry I could not get you at all.
And you said what you want, you would laugh it off but I know you won’t go, not for it at last, must you write it off for the impossible soul?

And I was in a dream, I was gone away without you, but not too slow
Lest I put it off, for I put it right for the impossible soul.
And all I couldn’t sing, I would say it all, my life, to you If I could get you at all. Don’t be a wreck, trying to be something that I wasn’t at all.
Seems I got it wrong, I was chasing after something that was gone to the black of night, now I know it’s not what I wanted at all… and you said something like, “All you want is all the world for yourself”
But all I want is the perfect love Though I know it’s small, I want love for us all.

Do you want to be afraid?
For life in the cage where courage’s mate runs deep in the wake, for the scariest things are not half as enslaved… don’t be distracted, do you want to be alone? for life isn’t stained of righteousness pain the seed and the hail, all impossible flights for an interesting light

Stupid man in the window, I couldn’t be at rest, all my delight, all that mattered, I couldn’t be at rest from what I liked, from what I gathered, I couldn’t be at rest and don’t be shy in the window, come down and give your best from what I liked, from what I gathered, I couldn’t give my best

I never meant to cause you pain my burden is the weight of a feather
I never meant to lead you on I only meant to please me, however…

And then you tell me, boy, we can do much more boy, we can do much more.. boy, I want nothing less than pleasure

I got to tell you, boy, we made such a mess… boy, we made such a mess together.

What’s new Buenos Aires?

What’s new Buenos Aires?

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